At The Cloudside Gun Room we can help you find the perfect shotgun for your needs,

whether you are buying your first shotgun,

or if you fancy an upgrade

we stock a range of shotguns from brands such as ATA, Beretta, ZoLi, Longthorne and Perazzi

This is just an example of some of the guns we stock

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The K-80's unique sliding top latch provides strong lock-up, easy barrel interchangeability, and great durability. Because the top latch secures the barrels to the receiver at the optimal leverage point, it eliminates the need for both underbites and side-lugs. This in turn makes for easier barrel fitting and makes it possible for a single K-80 receiver to be fitted with a great variety of barrels - from a .410 skeet over-and-under to a 34" unsingle. And because the top latch slides forward to adjust for barrel wear, it helps maintain the gun's tight fit and solid feel for hundreds of thousands of rounds.


ATA - Full Range

Established in 1955 and based in Turkey, ATA Arms are one of the premier arms manufacturers. Specialists in shotgun manufacture

A company that prides itself on quality and producing the very best products at an attainable price, ATA are a manufacturer you can trust.

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Beretta - full Range  

Beretta shotguns are one of the most well known shotgun brands in the world.

Beretta shotguns come in a variety of gauges, chokes and types; from hunting and field shotguns to Beretta's sporting and competition shotguns.

We can supply anything from the full UK Range

Zoli - Full Range

Shooters and hunters who have been using Zoli’s gun for some time have already tested and appreciated the characteristics that make their products unique. Their success is also due to the generous and positive influence afforded by those who, following their experience with their guns, feel the need to share their satisfaction with enthusiasm and persistence. Their endorsement has strongly supported the diffusion of our brand, making it reach such a level of fame and prestige to take it to the top market segment.

Longthorne - Full Range

At their new state of the art factory in Northampton that James Longthorne Stewart aided by his wife Elaine and Daughter Chloe and their rapidly growing team now manufacture the Longthorne shotguns.

Longthorne has rapidly become a brand synonymous with quality and luxury, acknowledged by way of the number of high profile clients the company currently has on its books, from Heads of State to Leaders in Industry

Perazzi - MX8

Perazzi is an Italian manufacturer specialising in precision shotguns for hunting and sporting. They are recognisable for their removable triggers and can be used by shooters of any expertise - from entry-level to advanced.

The Perazzi MX8 has a great solid feel whilst remaining well-balanced; precisely measured 29 1/2" multi-choked barrels are paired with a fabulous figured and highly finished SCO grade 14 1/2" pistol gripped stock.