The finest clay shoot in the north west of england

If you have never visited Cloudside, you are in for a truly amazing experience”
— Cameron D - Cheshire

Cloudside is owned and run by experienced shooters so that means that we know what our customers expect. 

We take great pride in the quality of our facilities both in and out of the clubhouse.

Our grounds are kept in immaculate condition by our permanent ground staff.

We provide hard pathways to all our shooting layouts so it's always dry underfoot, something of particular importance in the winter months. 

We offer a variety of disciplines for shooters of all standards, from the inexperienced novice to the international standard competitor.

Our layouts are all championship standard.

  • English Skeet

  • Compak Sporting

  • Automatic Ball Trap

  • Down The Line

  • Sport Trap

  • Olympic Trench

All of the clay pigeon traps at Cloudside are automatic with push button release, undergo regular maintenance and are constantly reloaded to provide maximum convenience for the shooter.

Compak Sporting

Here at Cloudside we have a amazing Compak Sporting set up right outside the clubhouse

Compak Sporting is a form of clay shooting similar to sporting clays but taking place in a smaller area. Because they look very similar, Compak Sporting and Sportrap are easily confused.

However, Compak Sporting has one less stand and a different order of shooting.

There are three compulsory target trajectories, right to left, left to right and straight on, with two additional trajectories at the designers discretion. Five traps will be used to provide a variety of targets and a sign in front of each enclosure will inform the shooter of the combination of shots.

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The Clubhouse

Our newly renovated clubhouse offers an amazing experience to complement your visit to Cloudside.

We have a fully licensed bar and restaurant.

Comfy seating to sit and relax

The Gun Room - with an extensive range of shotguns from beginner to Professional guns, both new and pre-owned

The Dressing Room - where you we sell clothing and footwear from some of the top outdoor brands.


Restaurant & Fully Licensed Bar

All the food at Cloudside is home cooked fresh every day by our team of chefs, plus we have a full licensed bar so you can relax and have a drink once you have finished shooting.

We can cater for groups of over 30 and can accommodate nearly every dietary reqirement